Saturday, December 3, 2011


Done it with bro & lil sis :O ... Too bad we ain't gna eat it xD

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Vic's Graphics: Photoshop Designs

Click the following link to see : My Imaginary Pet ... Reeco <3!!
Vic's Graphics: Photoshop Designs

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3

on Thursday night.. meh and my lil sis and old fav bro decided to go to Paranormal Activity 3 .... it was AWESOME!!!

Before the movie started I thought of poking my lil sis during a silent moment in the movie just to scare her xD


Well.. there was something that bothered meh!! the only reason why I went to BCC cinema is cuz I never heard people talking during the movie... but this time .. cuz they were scared like hell.. they wouldn't shut the fuck up!! >=/  

Now u see? it's like SHUT UP AND WATCH !! how the hell u want us to get surprised if we did not got into feeling with the movie itself???
talkin' talkin' talkin' = distracting!!

and what's amazing is that there were these folks across the row in front of ours  ... they kept talking loud!! REALLY LOUD!! .. and what's amazing it was their multitasking mind! it's like they talk and they can still get startled!! like this  ~>   ~talkin talkin talkin talkin ~Screams!!~ continues talkin talkin talkin then again ~SCREAMS!!~ ... Pfft -.-"

On Bus! ~funny stuff~

Well I have been using the bus recently.. its fun :D ... and on Thursday I fell asleep... well this is how it went xD

~meh fallin' asleep
~dreams that I'm being chopped into pieces while am still alive
~screams in dream
~release zombie voice in reality
~wakes up!!

hahaha!! the moment I did that dying zombie sound the gurl behind meh felt so scared xD

Friday, October 28, 2011

Berg Orchestra!! ~Click on the pic for larger view~

There are many events in Bahrain every year.. well there's a week that's for the ministry of culture to organize the music festival ... and everyday in this week (5 days basically) .. one type of music.. one band / Individual to perform ...

I haven't been to all of those but I went to what I think is the best.. one of my favorite type of music (Classic)... 19th October this year, went for the Berg Orchestra to perform.. and OMG!! they were soooo amazing!! <3

Thursday, October 13, 2011

When BlackBerries were down!

when black berries service's globally had corrupted.. my friends suddenly started studying hard that they stayed at the uni till 3 A.M .. or that's how it seemed like they're doing since they couldn't change their status xD hahaha

My bestie is still in class and it was 1 A.M!!  hahahaha xD

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Google & "Unrelated to topic" results of search xD

I was searching for examples for isolation emphasis for the homework we have for visual design and that's what I get? .. Google u have any idea what will happen to my poor tutor if I created such pix to consider them as an isolation?

click on the pic for larger view xD

Monday, September 26, 2011

Vic's Graphics new update ^_^


Check out my graphic design blog :D .. Just done some updates on Photography Page .. hope u like 'em

Click Here

~>> Vic's Graphics: Photography <<~

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Simple Facts (Part 2)

#6. I'm Always looking for troubles even for the tiniest ones I can find xD

#7. Teasing people is one of my hobbies... Love doing that, even when they sometimes get meh wrong xD

#8. I HATE COOKING!! ... I know I'm a girl, and I dun fucking care about what u guys think of that xD

#9. I love listening to music all the time.. Even sometimes during lessons :P

#10. I'm so stubborn... If u wanna live around meh u gonna have to live with that :P

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Simple Facts (Part 1)

[Just fr u to get to know meh better xD]

#1. Children scare meh all the time... I never understand these lil creatures and THEY CAN 

#2. Today & everyday I feel like hugging almost everyone xD

#3. I dun give a damn about what people may think of meh, I get to be myself whether it's in public or not and it's up to them to decide if they like meh or not :P

#4. I suffer from Thermophobia.. I totally hate heat, I try hard to avoid any flammable stuff (stoves, gasoline tank, lighters..etc), It's ok to see someone getting chopped off into pieces but I totally hate it to see someone burn even if it was on movies.. 
I also hate hot boiling stuff, hot steam, as i hate frying things... hearing the sizzling sound freaks meh out to death O.o {it's probably why I hate cooking}

#5. I love napping.. a lottt!! :O

Will continue next post ;) ... Have a wonderful evening!